$49.00 / Favorite of Many


Customers from all over the globe love this little monkey. As you can see my monkeys come in many colors and most are neutral to go with any room motif. An old pattern from my grandma that I transformed into a stuffed animal that can be held, displayed or carried around all day. Small enough to pack and big enough for a display shelf. I have to continue to hunt for the brown multi-color yarn but we still have it in stock!

$59.00/ More Jungle Animals


I create different color palettes–originally choosing the most neutral to please just about any interior. Every piece is hand made by me and constructed entirely of hypoallergenic materials. They can all be hand washed and repaired if needed. These little creations take time so please be patient when ordering if not in stock! We try to go above and beyond to make the impossible happen.


This little guy is about the size of your hand. They can be made with or without feet!

$29.00/Made to Order with or without Feet


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